Google Search For Web Scraping

Google Search for Web Scraping is the concept of advanced google search where we searches some information on google with custom conditions.

In Web Scraping we can search the information from:

  • Specific Countries
  • Specific Languages
  • Search for only specific query
  • Showing search results from specific website
  • Search results linked to specific website
  • Search results related to specific website
  • Showing search results which gives some rights like Free to use or share, Free to use or share including commercially, Free to use, share or modify
  • Search results from last 24hours, previous month, previous year etc.
  • Search results having specific file type like jpg, png, pdf, mp3, mp4 etc.

Using this Google Search For Web Scraping we find any type of data and can create different types information for multiple uses. For an example, Emails List for Marketing, Finding content from competitors website etc.

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