Tools and Technology For Web Scraping

Web Scraping is the process of Extracting, Parsing and Storing data from the web pages of the websites. Web Scraping can be done using bots, programs or scripts. It is useful to get any type of data like text data, images, videos, audio, pdf and other file formats. In this article, we will discuss about some Tools and Technology for Web Scraping.

We can scrape many websites like E-Commerce Websites, Real Estate Websites, Classifieds Websites, Accounts and Finance websites, Tours and Travel Websites, Booking Websites, Business Websites, Blogs etc. We can use some of these websites and can extracts the data to create and store database for different uses.

Uses of Web Scraping

  • Creating Email Lists for Marketing, Personal and Business Use.
  • To Create Statistical or Informative data.
  • For Analytical Purpose.
  • For Customer Support.
  • To Create Online Tools, Web Applications and Software.
  • For Campaigning Purpose.
  • To Create Database For R&D Purpose.
  • For Realtime Applications, Software and Tools.

Tools and Technology For Web Scraping

Online Tools For Web Scraping

There are many tools like Selenium and Boilerpipe. These tools extracts the data from web pages and export the data in the form of Files(XLSX,PDF, CSV, JSON) or User Interface Dashboard.

Software For Web Scraping

There are many software available by using which we can easily scrap the data from websites. For example, Crawly, Common Crawl, Data Scraping, Scrape etc.

Using Programming Languages or Scripting Languages in Web Scraping

There are number of programming languages and scripting languages available for web scraping.

  • Python – Python is an interpreted general purpose high-level programming language. It is best for web scraping, data science and web applications.
  • PHP – PHP is an general purpose scripting language. It is also useful for web scraping because of easy to learn. Example: How to do web scraping in PHP.
  • NodeJS – NodeJS is an Cross-Platform, Backend JavaScript Run Time Environment. It is mostly useful for Real-Time Applications. It is best for crawling websites, hence it can be used for Web Scraping Purpose.
  • C/C++ – These compiling languages can also be used for Web Scraping. But the cost of setup the Web Scraping Environment using these can be high.

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