Create Tooltip in React

A tooltip is mostly used to define the extra information about data(text,image or videos). Tooltip shows when the user moves the mouse pointer or tap over an element. Tooltip can be placed Top, Right, Bottom, Left. Here we will create tooltip in react applications by using the package React tooltip-lite. It is a A lightweight and responsive tooltip package, you can read in detail here.

Create Tooltip in React

Getting started

Install with NPM

npm install react-tooltip-lite

Import into your react Component

Now, we can use <Tooltip /> Component by importing it in our class or functional component.

import Tooltip from 'react-tooltip-lite';

content="React Tooltip" 
    <a href="">Visit Tutorials</a>

There are many props available for this react tooltip component, you can see here.

Style React Tooltip in React

You can apply some css to react tooltip. Here below is an example.

.react-tooltip-lite {
  background: #000000;
  color: white;

.react-tooltip-lite-arrow {
  border-color: #333;


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