How to Install Laravel 8?

Laravel is a Free, Open-Source PHP Web Framework created by Taylor Otwell. Laravel is used to Create Dynamic Web Applications following the MVC(Model View Controller) Architecture. There are some famous applications built on Laravel like Koel, Flarum etc. In this article we learn how to install Laravel 8 and in Upcoming Tutorials will learn more about Laravel 8.

Laravel 8

Features and improvements in Laravel 8

  • Laravel Jetstream,
  • model factory classes,
  • migration squashing,
  • job batching,
  • improved rate limiting,
  • queue improvements,
  • dynamic Blade components,
  • Tailwind pagination views,
  • time testing helpers,
  • improvements to artisan serve,
  • event listener improvements,
  • and a variety of other bug fixes and usability improvements.

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How to Install Laravel 8

Step 1 : Laravel 8 requires the PHP Version 7.3+.

Laravel 8 at Localhost or Local Computer

Use the Environment Variable to Set the Path of PHP Version. You need to set the PHP Path where your PHP is installed in your Path Variable of Environment Variables. For example, you have WAMP installed then your PHP path would be C:\wamp64\bin\php\php7.3.12.

environment variable

Laravel 8 at Shared Hosting

You don’t need to set the any variables. Just go to your directory path where you want to install Laravel 8 with SSH Login. For example inside public_html directory.

Laravel 8 at VPS or Dedicated Hosting

For VPS or Dedicated Hosting Like AWS or Heroku. Just Find your PHP Installed Path and go to path where you want to install Laravel 8 with SSH Login.

Step 2 : Download the Composer

For Localhost

To check the Composer type Composer in your Command Prompt or Terminal. If not found shows then Download the Composer and Install in your Device. Download Composer Here. You can install Composer via Setup or Command Line.

For Shared, VPS or Dedicated Host

Login to your Terminal using SSH. And Install the Composer using the Command-Line Installation given here. To check the Composer type Composer in your Command Prompt or Terminal

Step 3 : Install Laravel 8 Framework

After Installing the Composer Restart Your Terminal or Command Prompt. Go to your required directory or folder location where you want to install your Laravel. Then type this command given below.

composer create-project laravel/laravel example-app

When installation complete. Now go to your example-app directory in your Command Prompt or Terminal. To verify your Laravel type this Command.

php artisan -v

Now you have Laravel 8 Framework Installed in your device. Enjoy! and Create Beautiful Applications 🙂


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