How to get 10000 visitors daily on website?

In this article we will teach you how to get 10000 visitors daily on website. When you creates a website sometimes you faces the website traffic issue. This issue can be resolve by following some methods to increase your website traffic.

Method 1: Search Engines

Search Engine is the best tool to receive high quality larger traffic to your website. When peoples have any question they always searches on google like search engines. So, you should have visibility on top search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo. You can do this by submitting your websites to their search console or webmaster tools.

For example, Submit your website to google search console, Bing Webmaster tools, Yandex Webmaster, Submit Website to Yahoo

And to have your website search engine friendly your website should be SEO Optimized. Visit how to increase SEO on Website.

Method 2 : Social Media

Social Media is the faster way to receive traffic to your website. It is also very cheap way to receive high amount of traffic without investing money. There are many social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, Messenger, Tumblr, etc.

So, visit these social medias and create your account connect to peoples, create your website profile page and group, then share your website links to these social medias.

Method 3 : Backlinks for your website

Creating more backlinks, more you get traffic to your website. Backlinks allows traffic to your website through other websites. You just needs to go to top rated websites like Quora, Medium etc.

  • Post your websites links in their discussions, comments.
  • Post your articles and mention your website in those articles.

You should always create backlinks on those websites which are related to your website or similar to your website. If you want to earn backlinks and have tutorials then you can submit web tutorial or any programming tutorial here.

Method 4 : YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel is a great way to receive high quality larger consistent traffic. First of all you should create a YouTube channel for your website. When you publish any content, service, product on your website, then you should create a one video for this also and mention your website in video or video’s description. Then Whenever peoples reaches your video then possibilities are high that they will visit to your website.

YouTube is also best platform because you have a specific amount of audiences for your content.

Method 5 : Email Listing

Create a Email Listings for your website by adding the Subscribe Email or Newsletter Forms on your website. When peoples subscribe their email on your website. You have specific amount of emails database. Then whenever you creates content for your website. You can send them emails directly so they can visit to your website directly.

Method 6 : Browser Notifications

When peoples visit to your website the possibility is very low that they will again visit to your website unless they remember your website or got any medium like google or social media for your website.

So, you should have browser notifications features to your website because it notifies user’s computer or mobile device about your website. When they click on that notification they visits to your website.

Method 7 : Add to Home Screen

Add to Home Screen feature adds your website as a mobile app in users phone directly. And users can visit to your website any time through their phone without remembering your website name.

You should have Add to Home Screen feature in your website because it converts the first time visitor to permanent visitor to your website.

Method 8 : Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps is also a great way to receive high quality permanent traffic to your website. Because you can always reach to peoples who have installed your mobile app in their phones. So, you can create a mobile apps for your website.

Method 9 : Marketing For Your Website

This is a paid concept because you will need some money to spend to these marketing strategies. There are some marketing strategies like:

  • Campaign on Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter or any other advertising network. So, run ads for your website and receive traffic.
  • YouTube Promotion – Contact to Youtubers and asks them to promote your website on their channels.
  • Blog or Website Promotion – Similarly like YouTube Promotion, Contact to Bloggers or Websites Holders and asks them to promote your website on their blogs or websites.
  • App Promotion – Contact to Mobile App Holders or Owners to advertise or promote your website on their mobile apps.
  • Email Marketing – Search for Emails Listing Providers and send your websites bulk Emails to those emails.
  • SMS Marketing – Search for SMS Service Providers and send your websites bulk SMS to those numbers.
  • Social Media Promotion – Contact to Social Media Influencers and asks them to promote your website.
  • Follow Movies Promotion Strategy – Just follow the way how movies promoted on various platforms. So, you can use this traditional way also.
  • Offline Marketing – This is also a very traditional way for marketing. So, you can use this by contacting peoples, creating banners, posters, newspaper, magazines etc.

So, Now can tell anyone how to get 10000 visitors daily on website.

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