How to download private videos in facebook without software?

In this article we will teach you the trick how to download private videos in facebook without software.

If you are unable to download a facebook video using normal Facebook video downloader, then it is a private video.

In technical words, privacy of some videos is set as private by the owner of the videos. Which means if you are able to see a video on your Facebook timeline, someone else might not be able to see the same video, due to the privacy settings.

By following the steps given below you can download any facebook private videos for free.

Step 1 :

Visit the url

Step 2 :

Paste the private facebook video link in step 1 of the website and press the get video button or see the screenshot given below.

Step 3 :

Click on the Copy Text Button,

Open your browser and paste the copied text and press enter

Select All and copy the HTML

Step 4 :

Paste the copied HTML code in the field of step 3 and press the download button

Step 5 :

You will see your video. Now download your video.

Hence, You can download private videos in facebook without software.

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